Landscape Design: Homestead / Off-Grid - permallorca - dryland solutions

We know the situation all too well: You have land on Mallorca, maybe a villa with a large garden, or farmland with a romantic finca on it… and now you want to make something special of it. Something sustainable, something that can provide abundance even in dry situations. And you want to close the circle and be as independent, self sufficient as possible. You need a permaculture, homestead or off-grid landscape designer!

Welcome to the world of permallorca. For years we have been specializing in dryland solutions for food forests, food forest systems, regenerative agroforestry, greywater usage and water harvesting. 

Landscape / Homestead Design for the Mediterranean Climate

The Mediterranean climate is wonderful and harsh at the same time. It can be so pleasant and mild and then again so hot and dry that only the most drought resistant plants would survive without irrigation. That is the setting we find ourselves in. 

An off-grid homestead represents an additional challenge, as it requires you to think very carefully about the use of resources. How much water can I afford to pour onto the field? How much electricity (and at what time) can I use without emptying my batteries completely? Where are the leaks in the system? How can I be more efficient, where are double or tripple uses possible?

In permaculture and food forest properties the system is built for regeneration and long-term sustainability. The land is designed to be a self-sustaining ecosystem in which plants thrive and support each other.  

We design your homestead on Mallorca, also off-grid!

If you have a vision and you are committed to your goal, then let us talk about your plans. After a short introduction call (on the phone or online) we visit your finca / land to get a sense of the location and it’s possibilities. We make a requirements list and start brainstorming together on what needs to be done in space and time to oasify your land and turn it into a beautiful (off-grid) homestead. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to hear from you!