Are you looking for a professional to turn your garden or land into a permaculture paradise? Then permallorca might be exactly the team you need.

We focus on using time and space as productively and close to nature as possible. Our designs mimic natural ecosystems to create drought tolerance and high productivity with local fruits, nuts, veggies, berries, etc. 

The definition of permaculture is simple: “Permaculture is a design system which aims to create sustainable human habitats by following nature’s patterns.”

The permaculture core values are also ours:

  • “Earthcare – recognising that the Earth is the source of all life (and is possibly itself a living entity- see Gaia theory) and respecting her accordingly.
  • Peoplecare – supporting and helping each other to change to ways of living that are not harming ourselves or the planet, and realizing that we are a part of the Earth, not apart from it.
  • Fairshares (or placing limits to consumption) – ensuring that the Earth’s limited resources are utilized in ways that are equitable and wise.” 

How can we help?

Many questions will determine whether we are the right people to help you. We are designers, consultants, gardeners, eco-agriculture freaks, regenerative agroforestry experts and you can put many more names onto our profession. The bottom line is: We create spaces that families like to live in. These spaces are characterized by food production that is environmentally friendly, animals like chicken, bees, sheep, etc. and a place to hang out and play.

What is your situation?

What do you request from a permaculture gardener? Where is your land? Do you have water, if not, how do you harvest water? 

We invite you to a conversation about your needs. We are happy to help.