Mallorca almond field


On the quest to improve our relationship with nature, we have discovered that the once so “beautiful” monoculture fields of almonds etc. that Mallorca is also famous for, are in fact nothing better than promoters of desertification on an island that desperately needs water and good quality top soil. So we ventured out to find another solution.

Food forest systems are the ultimate tool to improve our live as well as our relationship with nature. So our idea was simple: We plant food forests Mallorca.


Starting form our vision to cover Mallorca in beautiful, drought-resilient and productive food forests, we have a very simple mission “we plant as many food forests as we can”.

“permallorca IN, desertification OUT” is a simple way to say how much we care about our living environment. We create spaces where humans and the rest of nature can thrive in harmony. Food forests allow nature to do what it is best at: Reaching stability through diversity.

We want our customers to feel the impact they are having not only on their own land, but on the island as a whole. Food forests on Mallorca will be an inspiration for many others around the world who are looking for solutions involving food production and regeneration of dry farm land. Food forests are on the way to bring regenerative agroforestry into the mainstream. Let’s work on it. Together.


We like to work close to our customers. It’s one of our primary ambitions in the creation of a food forest garden. Because we know how many details can go into the creation of a (family-) space that is built for generations. We welcome you to join an (online) consulting session, to see how we work and learn what we can do for you.

Organic Produce

Mediterranean Food Forests need a minumim of input. That means little to no water, no pesticides, no artificial “soil nutrients”, etc. . Purely organic, purely nature.

Healthy Food

Food is a source of life. One of our goals is to provide the healthiest, seasonal and most sustainable local food there can be. For you, your family and society at large.

Home Farming

The food from your own garden is always the tastiest. It is also the food with the lowest carbon footprint. To us that seems like a very good deal for all of us. 


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