Have you ever thought about creating your own Med-
Food Forest?

Have you ever thought about creating your own Mediterranean
Food Forest?

“Permallorca has proven to be just the expert team that we needed.”


Jose’s multifaceted vision, professionalism and flexibility were of great help in giving the turn that our land needed.”

La Jícara Farm

“They really listen to the customer
and apply a very round technique.”


  “Finnally a Blueprint Design and a Master Plan for our beloved Family Project, i highly encourage Permallorca services.

Guillermo Moreno

“Professional and reliable support throughout the entire project.”


“Permallorca changed our “desert” land (2500qm) into an Oasis. We are very grateful to have found Permallorca.”


“It would have taken us four years to achieve what Jose did in one.”


” Permallorca planned the  whole water cycle from rainwater harvesting to countour  forest tree plantation.”



“A Mediterranean food forest is a multi-biodiverse system that creates, projects, and nourishes soil life processes, producing nutrient dense organic food, like veggies, fresh fruit in different seasons, dry nuts, culinary herbs, oil, aroma, medicine, fiber, firewood, and building material.”

Mediterranean Family Food Forest
Mediterranean Food Forest  in Mallorca
Mediterranean Food Forest Harvest


Increased Biodiversity

The density of plants, soil health and reduced need for pesticides increases biodiversity.

Reduced Water Input

If done right, your food forest will require very little water input after the third year of planting.

Personal Food Security

Enjoy the healthy food from your garden and your independence from food suppliers.

Fight Climate Change

Your food forest helps fight climate change in multiple ways: CO2 absobtion, ground cover, etc..

Higher Property Value

Properties with well established Food Forest have a higher value than properties without.

Happy Family Space

Food Forests represent a space for families to harvest, play and to live in harmony with nature.

Seasonal Food

Mediterranean Food Forests can be planted to provide seasonal food for 10 months per year.

High Nutrient Score

Food from a Food Forest has a higher nutrient score compared to industrially grown food.

Live in a Permaculture Food Forest Garden

All our work is based on the principles of permaculture, working with nature rather than against it.

Mediterranean food forest


Food Forests are ecosystems that have a much higher capability to withstand droughts than normal gardens or common monoculture practices. If you invest into a food forest today, in three to five years you will reap the benefits and enjoy your own food, while regenerating land and providing a space for nature to enjoy your presence. We invite you to learn more!

ground cover preparation
Permaculture Food Forest Design


how to establish a mediterranean food forest 1

Project Specifications

With your help we collect the details of your land and your desired yield. The specifics of your location, orientation, soil health, gradiant, etc. are all input for the planning phase.

how to establish a mediterranean food forest 2

Analysis & Design

We help you with site assessment, planning for resilience & productivity, as well as guiding you through the science of food forests.

how to establish a mediterranean food forest 3

Project execution

Delivery of the seed and/or the plants, soil preparation, water harvesting, and planting of your food forest right here with our own team of specialists on Mallorca.

how to establish a mediterranean food forest 4


A food forest takes time to grow and skills from the manager to develop into a healthy and productive forest. Our maintenance team will be on your side for the first three years and for as long as needed.

Your own Mediterranean Food Forest delivers an abundance of healthy food, with minimum irrigation and maintenance.

About Jose Ansoleaga


 Jose Ansoleaga is a leader in regenerative agroforestry. Located in Palma de Mallorca, he and his team design and plant Mediterranean Food Forests and Regenerate Dryland Ecosystems, under permaculture principles.  

Jose is an academic and practitioner at the same time. For over 20 years he has been studying Geography and Degraded Landscape Regeneration and for over 10 years he has been promoting Mediterranean Food Forests & Permaculture Design on Mallorca Island. 






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