Want an Edible Landscape in your property

 done for you within 3 weeks  ?

Our team regenerate your land and create paradise for your family guaranteed.

Watch the video below to find out how we do it.

Want an Edible Landscape in your property

 done for you within 3 weeks  ?

Our team regenerate your land and create paradise guaranteed.

Watch the video below to find out how we do it.



Mediterranean food forest olive grove
Mediterranean food forest before after



“Permallorca has proven to be just the expert team that we needed.”


For the last 5 years Jose and his multifaceted vision, professionalism and flexibility were of great help in giving the turn that our land needed.”

La Jícara Farm

“Professional and reliable support throughout the entire project.”


“Finnally a consultant for our land and a design. He gave us great insight & milestones to reach in the next 7 years, at least.

Guillermo Moreno

“It would have taken us four years to achieve what Jose did in one.”


“Permallorca is doing a fantastic job. They changed our “desert” land (2500qm) into an Oasis. We are very grateful to have found Permallorca.”


“They really listen to the customer
and apply a very round technique.”


” Permallorca planned the rainwater harvesting for the tree plantation, giving us important useful advice to our project.”


Tired of losing forest/fruit trees because of desertification?

Learn how my proven system can help your Family Land

to achieve Regeneration..

Permallorca services enters and Desertification goes away

Tired of losing forest/fruit trees because of desertification

Learn how my proven system can help your Family Land to achieve


Permallorca services enters and Desertification goes away

Mediterranean veggie garden

Desertification is spreading

and we have the knowledge and technologies to reverse this nonsense.

We help family land owners in Mallorca to transform their  dryland into abundant agroforestry systems

We know how different Mediterranean Nature is from European ecosystems,

we promote Regeneration, understanding  the complexity of the arid conditions,

and evaluating local resources and presenting to you in a common language.

Therefor, our goal is to present a design that nourishes soil life  and promotes biodiversity..


Once we select the perfect solution for your landscape project

then we will deliver design, implementation and also a maintenance plan for the years to come.

You will always have us by your side following up the evolution of your mediterranean landscape project.

You and your family will recover purpose, landscape recognition.

 Where you are able to grow & harvest multiple products like

high protein dry nuts,

healthy delicious seasonal fruits

vitamin dense fresh vegetables,

and others..


we can also design for oil production,



fodder and spaces for farm animals,

supporting local flora and fauna simultaneously.

Providing regeneration we promote an oasis for personal family & community reconnection.



i will present our story, how Permallorca was born as a Mediterranean Landscaping Company.

My name is Jose, I am de CEO of Permallorca. And I have always loved the countryside. I love forest mountains and fresh sweeet fruit.

In 2011 I settled down in Mallorca, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean. My place is surrounded by wild olive trees and wheat fields.

Me and my partner of that time we started planting the dreamed family orchard. That winter we immediately started to plant fruit trees. Everything was lush and fertile from early winter throughout springtime, green and beautiful.

 When summer arrived all the new trees that we planted were very dependent on extra irrigation. I discovered how rough the Mediterranean land can be, and how weak the commercial nurseries’ trees are. That summer we suffered the worst drought in the last 10 years. We also had a fire break which burnt half of the our orchard and 3 more fincas.

 It was my first attempt to Revegetated Mediterranean Dryland. By the end of summer the majority of the trees and shrubs were dead.

After my first mediterranean dry summer I understood the real deal and I researched and found advice from agroforestry experts and permaculture gurus on the net.

Even though I studied forests, weather and desertification as an international scholar geographer for over 7 years I didn’t have any idea how to adapt or plant trees in drylands, in real life.

Harvesting and protecting, from the strong evaporation, any kind of humidity became my new obsession. So I scale up studies on water harvesting; rain, storm and fog, using domestic residual water , any source of water is very welcome.

 Little by little my studies and practices were advancing, getting better results, more soil creation, protection, less evaporation, more shade and more beauty. 

I was starting to understand how Arid Nature works and I was starting to feel able to steward my Ecosystem Regeneration with Dryland Permaculture Design.

That  winter came by and the new strategies were working, also I considered reinvesting my resources to reach the high performing experts in the field, i studied  Analog Forestry with Milo Berkings, Permaculture Design with Geoff Lawton, and Syntropic Agroforestry with  Ernest Göstch. Third summer passed and the plants were starting to survive and thrive. 

-So finally I started to apply the right information with my mentors and having some real results

From 2015 I set my mission: helping families and communities transform their land, adapting to changing climate conditions, into abundant AgroecoSystems.

I knew it was not an easy task to start a landscape company, so I ask for help. I get mentored by the best professional  landscape company owners and start building my company culture and learn to meet the client’s needs.

From 2019 we specialized in Adaptation to Desertification.My mission is regenerating the degraded landscape and connect the communities around Permaculture & Family Food Forests

So our business; Permallorca – the Food Forest Company – became a reality.

In 2021 we have helped more than 7 fincas from 0,2 Ha family fincas to + 20 Ha. land to adapt to dry conditions and create Mediterranean Food Forest.

We steward remote agroforestry teams during the lockdown and we have 2 years of experience serving as a leader of stewards of food forests and family permaculture landscaping improving lives, soils and our bond with Nature.

In early 2021 we’ve planted 480 fruit bearing trees in high density with hundreds of supporting/auxiliary  plants. At the end of the worst summer in the last 15 years at the end of 2022 only 9  fruit trees have died from those 480 fruit trees..

This statement gives me confidence to start helping people that feel the need to transform their land into a food forest garden.

That’s why we are so passionate about Mediterranean Food Forest

Permallorca was founded because we wanted to regenerate the landscape. We want to continue enjoying nature with our families because we have a love for fresh nutritious fruit and the ability to grab it and eat it directly from the fruit bearing trees.

We want to move from survival desertification to thriving oasification.

Helping One family at a time.

We are here to create spaces for families to enjoy their own food forest for all the benefits it brings to their lives: Highly nutritious food, increased property value, soil regeneration, increased biodiversity, etc.

Even though Nature need time and inertia you will feel regeneration in all the levels from the first day we started our collaboration..

We believe humans and Nature can happily thrive together.

We are more than prepared to allow spaces for reconnection.

Today is that day where we take a step forward and say yes to Regeneration

We guarantee desertification will continue to advance if we do nothing about it.

We say enough of being disconnected from the land.

Its time for start collaborating and investing in your land capital,

connecting with land oasification,

being part of the a broader solution.

Finding new purpose in life and investing in your family living legacy.




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