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permallorca: Your local Food Forest Expert on Mallorca

For over 10 years we have been specializing on ecosystem regeneration in dry Mediterranean climates. Our particular expertise lies in syntropic food forest systems, that provide maximum yield with maximum resilience and minimum input (after three years of establishment). We help you establish your own Food Forest on Mallorca.

Provider of food forests on Mallorca

If you have a piece of land on the island, and are interested in regenerating your soil for a greener future for you and your family, then we are the right experts to talk to. Initially we need to know how large your food forest should be, what you would ideally like to plant and which region of Mallorca you are located. If we are the right food forest provider for you, then we come to your place and perform a first analysis of your land. As such we initially act as consultants, analyzing, researching and reporting on the potential of your land.

Food forest design specialist

Once we have determined the potential of your land to establish a regenerative agroforestry system, we go into the planning phase. Here we determine whether your food forest should rather resemble a mediterranean fruit orchard or whether it should look more like a silvopasture farmland. This depends on the nature of your soil, the size of your land, and the types of trees / produce you want to have. Due to the complexity of these natural systems we advise you to work together with a food forest specialist.

Why “permallorca”?

Our name “permallorca” incorporates three elements: “per” in Mallorquin means “for”. It expresses specifically our service for the region. We see ourselves as servants to a larger goal: Making Mallorca the green OASIS that it once was. The second element is the “perma” which is taken from permaculture, expressing the fact that we employ permaculture principles as much as practically possible in everything we do. Finally, our brand contains the word “Mallorca” in full. It is the region we focus on and are happy to export our knowledge to all regions in the world that have a climate like the one we have specialized in.